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Please take a look at what some of our patients are saying about their Upright MRI experience!

“I just wanted to comment on how wonderful your MRI testing procedure was. I had it done 6/26. The day before I attempted a so called open MRI, I would have to be unconscious to be tested that way. As soon as the tech rolled me into the machine and by the time she made it back to her station I was sounding the alarm, I could not do it. Your upright scan was comfortable and even made more sense to test me seating rather than laying since thats when my back pain occurs. I finished the test and walked out of your office with a smile on my face and a CD in my hand. Thank you, Thank you.”
Peter C., Lake in the Hills, 74

“I am going to tell everyone about your office! This was a great experience after I panicked in other MRI machines and had to leave. Thank you so much.”
Susan D., Highland Park, 39

“Everything is so nice and professional with your place. I have been there a couple of times. My husband and I would not go anywhere else.”
Delores P., Glencoe, 55

“I got a “high 5” from Mumtaz, and the receptionist clapped for me when I completed the MRI. I walked out feeling great, like I accomplished the impossible! Sitting down during the process was the best! The staff members addressed my concerns, were relaxed, and even joked around, all of which allowed me to relax during the MRI. Best part - no sedation or stress. What an alternative solution. Thank you. You guys are the best!!!”
Sue N., Lake Forest, 19

“I suffer from vertigo and other MRIs do not work. This was wonderful…absolutely NO discomfort at all. The MRI was so fast…I wanted to stay and watch the movie! Mumtaz was great. His humor really put me at ease. I’ve already recommended Upright MRI to friends.”
Judith B., Milwaukee, 61

“I was a little apprehensive because I’m so claustrophobic. But it was very relaxing and gratifying to know there is a MRI machine that people like me can handle without any fear.”
Jean P., Palatine, 41

“There was nothing unpleasant at all – a huge relief after attempting the traditional MRI. It was a very comfortable atmosphere – un-hospital like.”
Liz H., Highland Park, 63

“After having two MRIs in a month, we are so impressed and have told others of our excellent experience. Your staff is particularly sensitive to patients’ needs!!”
Stephen D., Deerfield, 43

“Both the reception staff and the MRI technologist were, at all times, professional, accommodating, and above all, friendly and efficient. I was also impressed with the calm and pleasant atmosphere within the facility.”
Sandi C., Lake Zurich, 35

“Thank you so much for your professional, courteous and caring attitude and for making me feel at ease during my appointment. Please tell Mumtaz (tech), Karen, and Carrie how much I appreciated them.”
Marianne M., Indiannapolis, 51

“This was the best MRI experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many! There is nothing I would have changed. The MRI Tech, Mumtaz, was very nice and helpful.”
Debbie B., Madison, 58

“Sure beats lying down to have this done, especially when you’re in a lot of pain.”
Art T., Kenosha, 33


“My technician (Mumtaz) was great! He provided a comfortable and relaxing environment. We need more people like him in the medical field. You’re true to your word on what you advertise. I will highly recommend Upright MRI of Deerfield to others. My experience was superior!”
Evelyn Y., Waukegan, 43

“I’m blessed and grateful for this place and the people, who were truly exceptional! Please spread the word (like I do) to doctors and hospitals for claustrophobics like me. I wish you would open more! They need to be in every U.S. hospital!”
Ellie H., Naperville, 52

“Great Experience, I am extremely claustrophobic and this was EASY!”
Mark C., Highland Park, 66

“Hopefully, this is what the future of all MRI treatments will be!”
Marsha S., Deerfield, 47

“Incredible – what a blessing – everyone was amazing. I will write letters to all my physicians, therapists and providers about your service. Thank you!”
Elizabeth P., Lake Bluff, 56