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For Physicians

Your Patients Will Thank You!

As you well know, traditional MRIs are not designed for patient comfort. As a result, many patients have had unpleasant experiences and refuse to go through them again. In fact, some patients even object to what’s considered an “open” MRI, because the machine is still right in front of their faces. Fortunately, Upright MRI of Deerfield is quite different.

Built by Fonar, the world’s leading manufacturer of MRI scanners, the Upright MRI is truly unique. Not only is it completely spacious and open (alleviating the patient’s fear of having to lie still in a dark, enclosed space), but its innovative design allows patients to simply walk in and be scanned. Making the experience even more enjoyable, patients can watch their favorite television shows or movies on our 42” flat screen TV, which is hanging on a wall directly in front of them. Thanks to our quiet machine, not only can they watch their program, but they can actually hear the dialogue!

While comfort is a major reason why more and more physicians are choosing to send their patients to Upright MRI of Deerfield, they also appreciate the results. Not only is the Upright MRI an important technological breakthrough (allowing patients to be scanned in a variety of weight bearing positions including sitting, standing, and bending in a flexion or extension position), but the quality of the images is superb (providing pictures of pathology that are unobtainable using any other traditional MRI). These weight bearing images allow doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis and effectively treat the problem.

In addition, many patients who were unable to be scanned in a traditional tube-like MRI can now be scanned in our Upright MRI machine, including those with severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine), those who are claustrophobic, and anyone wishing to avoid anesthesia (there is rarely need for sedation when being scanned in such a relaxed environment). We are also able to scan those with heart and respiratory conditions who are unable to breathe while lying down. Further, our machine is built to accommodate overweight patients (up to 500 pounds) who have had difficulty being scanned with traditional MRIs.

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Outstanding Benefits for Patients and Doctors

As mentioned previously, the revolutionary design of the Upright MRI allows patients to simply walk in and be scanned. It allows all parts of the body, particularly the spine and joints, to be imaged in the weight bearing state (resulting in the most accurate diagnosis). Equally important is the fact that our system is equipped with a very unique MRI-compatible motorized patient handling system that will move the patient into the magnet and place the anatomy of interest into the center of the magnet gap. This handling system can also rotate the vertically-oriented patient into a horizontal position so the patient can be scanned lying down just like in the case of a traditional MRI.

Upright MRI of Deerfield’s distinctive advantages include:

  • Mega-Open™ MRI
  • Proven 0.6 Tesla performance
  • Scan patients lying down
  • Scan patients in flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending
  • Scan patients in a sitting position
  • Position MRI™ (pMRI™)
  • Scan Patients in their position of pain
  • Scan cardiovascular patients upright in their position of symptoms
  • Scan patients with cerebrovascular insufficiency in the upright position of symptoms
  • Patient convenience: walk in, sit or stand during the scan and walk out
  • An unprecedented degree of patient comfort due to the unobstructed view of the scanner room from inside the magnet. There is nothing in front of the patient's face

Please feel free to e-mail Dr. Fox with any questions you may have regarding the benefits and advantages of Upright MRI of Deerfield. Your patient’s comfort and complete satisfaction are always our greatest concern.

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